About – South West Response

Trading as South West Event Services

South West Response is working in collaboration with the Event Service sectors of Devon Essential Medical Services, and Devon Ambulance and First Aid Services CIC in order to form the South West Event Services [SWES] Network.

Our Mission

Functioning both as an intermediary and provider we offer an event consultancy and planning service in partnership with our full partners Devon Essential Medical Services and Devon Ambulance and First Aid Services CIC [Devon EMS-AmbFAS] .

Collectively we form a South West Event Services Group, in addition to full partners we also network to form associate partnerships both in the field of Event Medical Care plus other essential event services such as security and stewarding etc thus working toward offering a “one stop” service, as part of this service our aim at all times is to secure the services of the most appropriate provider at a price which is fair to all parties.

Our History

South West Response CIC has been formed by two Directors of Devon Ambulance and First Aid Services CIC [AmbFAS] which is owned by Devon EMS. During 2020 Devon EMS-AmbFAS agreed to undertake the operational role of a former company bearing the same name prior as part of a planned winding up process..

Upon the company being formally dissolved it was decided to continue with the name and apply it to a new company and legal structure, thus South West Response CIC was registered and as part of the new group we will be delighted along with AmbFAS to serve the clients of the old company, operating as a medical provider in the east of the peninsular, plus providing a specialist event medical service along with other event services throughout the South West Peninsular.

South West Response CIC, 4 Orkney Close, Torquay, Devon, TQ2 7DS

Tel 07779774983

E-Mail Events@southwestresponse.onmicrosoft.com