Event Medical Service

For advise regarding event medical services please complete the information form and a member of our Service Commissioning [SERCOM] Team will contact you to start a dialogue.

General Event Medical Services

Our General Services Team operates from the Banbury area in Oxfordshire and are able to provide a general event medical service for all event types ranging from small fetes, sporting events, conferences, festivals etc throughout an area bordering on the West Midlands, Cheltenham, Bristol, Salisbury, Andover and Bournemouth, West of those areas down to far Cornwall the service is provided by Devon Ambulance and First Aid Services CIC [AmbFAS] thus jointly covering the entire South West.

Event Medical Centre Services

For larger or specific events we can deploy an Event Medical Centre services in association with Devon EMS-AmbFAS, this frequently operates from a large tent complex however can be adopted to a number of temporary structures such has large halls, marquees, porta-cabins etc

We are happy to integrate with non associate providers in the provision of this service which in addition may include clinical support, event welfare and Event Ambulance Service.

The medical centre can be divided into various modules including a high dependency module complete with full resuscitation trolley, minor treatment module, monitored and non-monitored recovery modules, triage module, and consultation area which operates from a converted ambulance.

Care within the centre is provided by experienced NHS Healthcare Assistants, triage is normally undertaken by an Assistant Practitioner [or equivalent] all working under the direction of a healthcare practitioner who will normally staff the consultation area.

The centre is ideal for the medium to large event as it provides an on site medical facility which undertakes various roles such as a walk in centre, on site temporary ED, field hospital, casualty clearance station etc with the aim of mitigating the effects of an event on domestic NHS services.

For patients who need to be transferred to a NHS facility this can often be undertaken by our AmbFAS based Event Ambulance and Transfer Service.

For more information please ask.

Off Road Event Services

This service is projected as at present we have limited off road capabilities but please ask.

Event Ambulance Response and Transfer Service

With the NHS Ambulance Service having to meet unprecedented demands the responsibility for off site transportation will often lie with the medical provider who must be registered with and approved by the CQC.

Via our link with AmbFAS who is CQC registered we are able to provide this service.

This service will often be integrated with our Event Medical Centre Service.

Casual Staffing Pool/Support External Providers

We are looking to identify a pool of Emergency Care Assistants, Technicians/AAPs, Paramedics, Doctors, Registered Nurses, Associate Nurses/Associate Practitioners and experienced Healthcare Assistants, students are also welcome, operating on a casual basis in support of regular providers within the Devon EMS-AmbFAS Alliance which includes South West Response. You may also be tasked to support external providers where a specialist resource is required, some of your time may be voluntary.

We are happy to support other service providers and fully integrate with their team, this includes services such as our event medical centre, event ambulance service, and event clinical support by Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and Technicians.