Event Security Service

Combined Medical and Security Service

As an organisation our aim is to provide event organisers with a one stop service, some of which will be provided in house or sub-contracted to an external provider.

With regard to Security and Stewarding we are currently exploring teaming up with PJM Security Services Ltd a Wiltshire based company whose Director has extensive services within the security industry including that of Event Security or another approved provider.

It is however a possibility that we may seek to provide this service in house under the direction of a experience security officer.

Should your event require a security service acting in our brokerage role we would in the first instance contact PYM Security Services Ltd to ascertain their availability to provide the necessary input, we would then obtain a quote from them [or other provider] and provide you with an incorporated event plan plus combined quote.

As an event organiser you would however have separate medical and security contracts, [unless security from provided in house] with separate invoices which would be attached to a single e-mail.