Event Welfare Service

Combined Event Welfare and Medical Service

It is the case with many events that after Medical and Security that Welfare [or wellbeing as we prefer to say] is the next key service, and whilst there is an overlap between Medical and Security there is a significant overlap between Welfare and Medical, our aim is to provide where possible a fully integrated medical, security and welfare service.

Event Medical and Wellbeing Centre

if we are engaged to provide your welfare service [where indicated] it will be fully integrated into our Event Medical Centre [if deployed] with our welfare team being an extension of our event medical centre team which is provided by Healthcare Assistants supervised by Registered Nurses.

The lower grades within the team are tasked to welfare duties caring for those who require support, supervision and care but not directly under medical supervision, this may include both physical and psychological support, which may include sitting with someone who has had too much alcohol, befriending someone who is distressed,, to providing assistance to someone with a physical disability, caring for lost children or anyone with safeguarding needs, too generally promoting heath and safety and health education.

Welfare providers within the team would be able to escalate support from medical or security providers in a seamless manner and form part of an integrated event team.

If you would like to be part of our Welfare Team please contact us, you will be aged 18 years plus, and as a minimum we will train you to EFAW Level.