South West – Integrated Event Medical Team

Our Event Medical Team [Levels and Grades]

South West Response CIC forms part of a South West Integrated Event Medical Team along with Devon EMS and AmbFAS or other full members of the South West Event Medical Alliance.

In respect of full members staff are attached to a parent organisation whilst being part of a larger team, uniforms will be very similar/identical [apart from logo] and a common theme will apply throughout the integrated team.

Common grades, skill and qualification levels, and policies, procedures and protocols will apply team wide.

There are four main clinical pathways for individuals to become involved: –

  1. Event First Aid Team [Volunteer Only Team comprising of Foundation Level 1 and 2 providers]
  2. Event Emergency Ambulance Team. [EEA Team] [comprising of Specialist Responders [On-Site Only] or Ambulance Transportation – AmbFAS Team]
  3. Event Medical Centre and Wellbeing Team [EMC Team] comprising of Specialist Responders managed by a Level 5 Associate Event Practitioner]
  4. Clinical Support Team [CST] [Comprising of Level 5 Associate Practitioners and Level 6 and 7 Registered Practitioners]

Level 1 – Foundation [Level 1 Foundation, basic knowledge and skills, very limited experience]

Level 2 – Foundation [Level 2 Foundation, consolidating knowledge and skill base and beginning to build specialist knowledge]

Level 3 – Specialist [Level1Specialist, building specialist knowledge and skill plus experience in chosen pathway]

Level 4 – Supervising Specialist [Has developed in depth knowledge and skills and fully competent to work independently in chosen pathway]

Level 5 – Advanced [Associate Event Practitioners] [Has developed extensive knowledge and skills in chosen pathway and a sound understanding of the skill and knowledge associated across all pathways, will work independently supervision Level 4s and Supporting Levels 6 and 7]

1,Event First Aid Team a] L1 Emergency First Aider/Basic Responder, b] L2 Intermediate Responder, c] L3 Advanced Responder/Basic EMT [NT]

2. EEA Team a] Level 3 Basic EMT [T] or [NT] , b] L4 Intermediate EMT [T] or [NT]

3. EMC Team a] L1 Basic Wellbeing Responder b] L2 Intermediate Wellbeing Responder/EMC Assistant

, c] L3 Advanced Wellbeing Responder/Basic EMC Provider, d] L4 Intermediate EMC Provider, e] L5 Enhanced EMC Provider/CST Associate Practitioner.

4. CST a] L5 Associate Practitioner [On-Site Team, EEA Team, EMC Team], b] L6 Registered Practitioner [Nurse, Paramedic],

c] L7 Advanced Practitioner [Advanced Emergency Nurse Practitioner, Specialist Paramedic, Non Specialist Doctor] d] L8 Speciality Doctor

T = Transport NT = Non-Transport

Required qualifications/competencies

Level 1 – FAW [RQF] or EFAW [RQF] plus FAW E-Learning Unit plus EMS Training Solutions Paediatric Module [NR] or Paediatric First Aid [RQF]

Level 2 – Highfield Level 3 Award in Emergency Care for First Responders (RQF)) with limited event experience.[Alternative FREC3]

Level 3 – Highfield Level 3 Award in Emergency Care for First Responders (RQF)) with extensive event experience in a lead position. [Alternative FREC3]

Level 4 – As Level 3 plus QA Level 4 First Response Emergency Care [FREC4] or competencies of [NR]

Level 5 – Team specific, but would include FREC5, IHCD Ambulance Technician, AAP, Associate Practitioner [Foundation Degree] or specific approval based on prior learning and experience.


I] for all grades completion of Highfield FAW E-Learning Course is required, unless a valid Level 3 FAW RQF certificate is held.

II] providers may go direct to FREC3 or Highfield Award and be assimilated into a Level 2 role and progress to a Level 3 role at a later date.

Level 6 – Allocated to CST

Level 7 – Allocated to CST

Level 8 – Allocated to CST.