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Our Training Partners

South West Response is not a training provider in its own right however we have been commissioned to host training course information and purchase by EMS Training Solutions which is the trading name for the training unit of Devon Essential Medical Services [Devon EMS] which is a Highfield Qualifications Centre.

We may also from time to time advertise courses for our partner training providers: –

EMPT, which is a Qualsafe Approved Centre from which EMS Training Solutions will host certain courses.

Peninsular Medics whilst not a registered training centre approved by an Awarding Body in their own right, they will however host and deliver regulated courses independently in association with registered centres including EMS Training Solutions.

We offer a single point of contact whereby you can select a course and pay on line. which will in general be those delivered by EMS Training Solutions but may include courses delivered by other approved providers.

Generally courses are targeted at the workplace, community, individuals, or those who are or aspire to be event medics. Some are standalone E-Learning, others face to face or blended learning.

You may purchase your course direct from this site, just select your course and click pay with pay pal, but before doing so please contact us to check on latest updates, even if you book direct with the training provider and wish to pay by card or pay pal you may do so.

Please send us an E-Mail regarding the course you require, preferred location and dates and we try to assist, once your place has been confirmed you will be able to pay on-line.

Training for the workplace

Training for individuals and communities

Training for Event Medics

E-Learning Plus Highfield Qualify at Home

Planned Open Training Courses

No open training courses booked at present, should you require a course please use our contact form and we will try to find one of our approved providers to assist